Sophie Laplu, Simon Nicais, Julie Portier, Théo Robine-Langlois

LongPlay 6

Gilles Furtwängler, Charles Benjamin, Carla Demierre, Jérôme Game, Sunna Margrét

LongPlay 7

Maxime Actis, Mélanie Blaison, Claire Finch, Tatiana Karl Pez, Bocar Freeman, Théo Robine-Langlois, Sabrina Soyer, Martin Widmer

LongPlay 8

Simon Ripoll-Hurier,
Franck Leibovici,
Lisa Nelson, Xavier Antin,
Gilles Davidas

LongPlay 9

Clémence Dechaume, Alain Della Negra, Rose Hervé, Dana Kast, Antoine Le Moigne, Jeanne Mathieu,
Enzo Pernet, Alexis Puget, Clotilde Viannay

LongPlay 10
To celebrate its 10th anniversary, *Duuu is publishing 10 vinyl records of 10 copies each, from the radio's archives, as well as a new project created for the Long Play exhibition presented at La Chaufferie, the gallery of the Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR) - Strasbourg.

*Duuu radio has recently acquired a vinyl burner in order to realize micro editions of sound projects. This tool allows to burn vinyl records by unit, at real speed. In the exhibition space, the 100 vinyls are made in real time. One listens there during all the duration of the exposure to the sound of the engraving in direct.

Living archive of contemporary creation, the radio puts in circulation a set of emissions. Interviews, vocal and sound pieces, readings, concerts have been selected among the 1500 programs broadcasted on the radio to be published. Long Play has been conceived in collaboration with the Graphic Communication Workshop of the HEAR, and more particularly Alice Bourdelon, Clément Gass and Olivier Quern. The posters of the exhibition presented on the walls become, thanks to a folding system, the sleeves of the engraved vinyls, which are made during the time of the exhibition.

The cut-outs of the posters are used for the vinyl buttons and the labels of the beer proposed for the opening. This seasonal beer was brewed with first-year Hear students during a workshop that resulted in a live radio broadcast on March 1, 2023.

An original vinyl was also produced especially by Hear students from the No Name department, in a spoken word class led by Joachim Montessuis & Clotilde Viannay.

Long Play is the first event to celebrate *Duuu's 10th anniversary. A second event will take place as part of the programming proposed in front of the *Duuu studio located in the Folie N4. This event will bring together the contributors of the radio, for 35 hours of continuous radio, live and in public, from Friday June 16 to Sunday June 18, 2023.

A proposal by Loraine Baud and Simon Nicaise for *Duuu

Mastering and engraving by Paul Castillon / Pôle son *Duuu

Posters and sleeves designed and made by Alice Bourdelon, Clément Gass and Olivier Querne and the students of the Graphic Communication Workshop of the Hear

Seasonal beers - Pain Liquide, brewed with 1st year students and Samuel François