Gilles Furtwängler, Charles Benjamin, Carla Demierre, Jérôme Game, Sunna Margrét

LongPlay 7

*Duu radio has recently acquired a vinyl burner in order to realize micro editions of sound projects. This tool allows to burn vinyl records by unit, at real speed.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, *Duuu proposes the edition of 10 vinyls of 10 copies each, taken from the archives of the radio, as well as an unpublished project realized for the occasion of the exhibition.

The seventh vinyl presents some archives of a show recorded between 2018 and 2020. Revenir et dire ça is a program proposed by the Swiss artist and poet Gilles Furtwängler.
It is a radio program dedicated to the voice of artists, writers, poets and singers.

A program proposed by Gilles Furtwängler with the participation of Charles Benjamin, Carla Demierre, Jérome Game and Sunna Margrét,

Edited by Charline Curtelin and Mathilde Morel.


Side A

Revenir et dire ça #36 : Charles Benjamin, The New Testament Two
Revenir et dire ça #17 : Jérôme Game, On the air

Side B 

Revenir et dire ça #41 : Sunna Margrét, Disrepute
Revenir et dire ça #2 : Carla Demierre, Trois Rêves Deux Fois

The posters of the Long Play project for the ten years of *Duu radio were designed in collaboration with the Atelier de Communication graphique de la Hear, and more particularly Alice Bourdelon, Clément Gass and Olivier Quern.

The posters of the exhibition become, thanks to a folding system, the sleeves of the engraved vinyls. The cuttings of the posters are used for the vinyl buttons.

Image : Hyesu Son

Gilles Furtwängler

Gilles Furtwängler lives and works in Johannesburg (ZAR) and Lausanne. He graduated from the Ecole d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL) in 2006, and since then has been working on communication. Everything is shaped for an objective and abstract communication, ironic and moral, definitely poetic. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and presented many readings and performances in institutions and art spaces in Switzerland and abroad. A member of Centre d'art Circuit in Lausanne and the Makrout Unité collective, he received a Swiss Art Award in 2015, the Quark Prize 2014 as well as the ProLitteris Encouragement Prize in 2013.