Laurence Wagner

with the complicity of the students of the Master Mise en Scène and Scénographie of La Manufacture in Lausanne
LongPlay 5

*Duuu radio has recently acquired a vinyl burner in order to realize micro editions of sound projects. This tool allows us to burn vinyl records by the unit, at real speed.

For the occasion of its 10th anniversary, *Duuu radio proposes the edition of 10 vinyls of 10 copies each, taken from the archives of the radio, as well as an unpublished project realized on the occasion of the exhibition.

The fifth vinyl presents a program recorded in March 2021, within the framework of a workshop around contemporary feminist and queer literatures. "We spend a whole day in the exhibition dedicated to Guillaume Dustan at the Kunsthalle Fri Art in Fribourg, Switzerland. We immerse ourselves in his films, in his voice, in his texts, in his look. We pick extracts that we read and record in one take, shot and edited a la Guillaume. We listen to music on our cell phones, drink coffee, laugh and for a while we let ourselves be ventriloquized and moved by the power of this breath."  
With : Charline Curtelin, Nikolett Ildiko, Mathilde Morel, Giulia Rumasuglia, Gaëlle Cherix, Alexandra Lapierre, Antonie Oberson, Jeanne Kleinman, Jérémie Lebreton, Melissa Rouvinet, Ludovic Vial and Laurence Wagner.

Montage: Charline Curtelin and Mathilde Morel.
Thanks to : Jonas Beausire, Nicolas Brulhart.

The posters of the Long Play project for the ten years of *Duuu radio were designed in collaboration with the Atelier de Communication graphique de la Hear, and more particularly Alice Bourdelon, Clément Gass and Olivier Quern.
The posters of the exhibition become, thanks to a folding system, the sleeves of the engraved vinyls. The cut-outs of the posters are used for the vinyl buttons.

Image: Capucine Fasquel-Chabert