Vert Vert

PEREZ and Angélique Buisson

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The parrot Vert Vert from Nevers is a project of Angélique Buisson after a poem of Jean-Baptiste Gresset, published in 1734.
Presented as an opera, Vert Vert tells the story of a parrot taken in a convent in Nevers. The parrot is entrusted to a boatman of the Loire to deliver him to nuns in Nantes.
During the journey, Vert Vert learns the coarse vocabulary of the boatmen. Arrived at destination, the parrot cusses like a sailor. The nuns, frightened, send him back to Nevers where they have difficulties to make him learn Latin again. Vert Vert ends his days surrounded by so much solicitude that he dies of indigestion.
This vinyl, edited by *Duuu and Angélique Buisson, is presented in the exhibition "Oral Texte" at the Pernod Ricard Foundation which will be held from June 21 to July 23, 2022.


Julien Perez's practice is at the confluence of pop music, performance and visual arts.
Since 2013, the musical project PEREZ, initiated during his year of residency at the Pavillon du Palais Tokyo, plays with the codes of French pop music, surrealism and fantasy through records released on the labels DIRTY, Barclay or his own label Etoile Distante, but also numerous performances in art centers such as the MAC VAL, the Palais de Tokyo, or MO.CO, and collaborations with visual artists like Yann Gonzalez, Arnaud Dezoteux, Thomas Levy Lasne, Aldéric Trével or Alexis Langlois.
In parallel, he has composed for visual artists such as Saâdane Afif, Ange Leccia or Flora Moscovici, and led several musical projects in the field of plastic arts and architecture as reflections on the exercise of translating one artistic medium into another. By with Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster the experimental pop duo Exotourisme, which mixes music, video and transformism, and echoes and echoes the obsessions of the cinema and the literature of Science-Fiction.
In April 2022, he realizes his first exhibition as a visual artist at the art center L'Onde in Vélizy in the form of a duo show with the plastic artist Elisa Pône entitled ARDER HAVIR.

Angélique Buisson

Angélique Buisson develops a research on the relations between the human and the living, in him and out of him. She uses historical and literary materials as a power of fabulation. Through stories, poems, legends, she composes performances and sculptures. These researches cross animality, the voice as plasticity and various modes of transcription of the language of birds, rather under the angle of the allegory, the translation or rhetoric. The animality designates living creatures and refers to hybrid communities, interspecies communication and the decolonization of bodies.
In June 2022, she participates in the exhibition "Oral Texte" at the Pernod
Ricard Foundation and proposes to PEREZ the conception of the vinyl Vert Vert.


Music : PEREZ
Lyrics : PEREZ
Graphic design : Sarah Vadé et Manon Bruet
The project received the support of the Fondation des Artistes.

*Duuu éditions
published in june 2022