Gut Feelings — Melodies and Aromas

Louise Siffert

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With the vinyl recording of a musical, Louise Siffert offers a new chapter in her project on fermentation as a living, palpable theory that blends body, feminism, and community.

Gut Feelings is a musical sung and performed by giant bacteria. Referring to the separatist lesbian communities and more specifically to their capacity to create other forms and ways of life, outside of the unliveable norms. The motif of fermentation here becomes a metaphor for the activity of a micro-organic and non-genetic community, both human and non-human, alive, moving and changing form. In the manner of fermentation, this community in constant activity evolves autonomously, feeding itself and the space around it.

This vinyl edited by *Duuu was produced within the framework of "La vie bonne", a project carried out by Aware and the Cnap - Centre national des arts plastiques, with the complicity of the BBB art center, Toulouse.


Louise Siffert

Louise Siffert trained as a set designer before entering the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. She is a member of DOC!, a self-managed artistic space in Paris. The world of work and alienation, the search for well-being, the place of habits: Louise Siffert's performances question and relate these current themes in a theatrical and burlesque staging. Anchoring her work in scientific and sociological reflections (queer theories, gender studies, decolonial studies...) Louise Siffert creates characters with exacerbated personalities, overexploiting the codes of language and behavior that are attributed to them. Her work has been shown at the MO.CO Panacée in Montpellier, the Synagogue de Delme, the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, L'Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson, the Palais de Tokyo and in a solo show at the BBB art center.


Music : Léo Gobin et Louise Siffert
Drums and percussions : Julien Tiberi
Lyrics : Louise Siffert
Performers : Claire Finch, Justine Langlois, Ji-Min Park, Wanda Rivière, Lina Schlagete et Louise Siffert.
Mixing : Léo Roche/*Duuu radio
Mastering : Maxime Maurel/Studio Noir
Graphic design : Marouchka Payen, Valentin Bigel

*Duuu éditions
published in may 2021